Can I edit my model in CAD Exchanger Lab?

Can I edit my model in CAD Exchanger Lab?

CAD Exchanger Lab is only intended to be a viewer and converter. Although transformation and colors of the model’s elements can be changed with its help, editing their geometry will require the CAD Exchanger SDK.

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    • Does CAD Exchanger Lab require any CAD system to be installed?

      CAD Exchanger is based on CAD Exchanger SDK, which is a self-contained set of libraries without dependencies on any CAD system API. Thus, there is no need to install any dependencies. System requirements can be found here.
    • Partial export in CAD Exchanger Lab

      In order to perform partial export, the undesired elements should be deselected from a model "Structure".
    • Where can I find models to test CAD Exchanger?

      In order to test CAD Exchanger products representative models can be used: from CAD Exchanger Lab installation folder (${install_dir}/models), or from CAD Exchanger SDK folder (${install_dir}/examples/models); from GrabCAD. The site offers a large ...
    • Can I edit PMI?

      CAD Exchanger Lab only allows viewing and converting PMI, but not editing it.
    • My model rotated after conversion. Why it happens?

      Different softwares use different axis orientations. That is quite a common thing to occur when a model moves between various 3d software packages. CAD Exchanger uses a right-handed coordinate system. CAD Exchanger Lab offers the axis orientation ...