How to work with PMI (Product Manufacturing Information)?

How to work with PMI (Product Manufacturing Information)?

Work with PMI should be performed using ModelData_PMIData class. 

We have a number of examples demonstrating:
- Visualization of PMI in a web-browser (this one is an interactive Web Toolkit example)

Let us note that in order for PMI to be read from the imported model, aParams.ReadPMI() has to be set to true, e.g.:
  1. ModelData_Model aModel;
  2. ModelData_ModelReader aReader;
  3. Base_ReaderParameters aParams;
  4. aParams.ReadPMI() = true;
  5. aReader.SetReaderParameters (aParams);
  6. aReader.Read ("Model name", aModel)
Let us also note that some specific models can contain no PMI themselves. In such cases you can use ModelAlgo_ValidationPropertyData class to calculate properties in runtime. See our Validation Properties Example.

In case an imported model has no information on materials in PMI, you can use ModelData_Appearance and ModelData_Material classes. See our Appearance Example.

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