Screenshot generation

Screenshot generation

At the moment Web Toolkit has no API that allows to make screenshots, but a screenshot can be made using standard web API - HTMLCanvasElement: toBlob() method.

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    • Mesh generation

      CAD Exchanger Lab can generate Polygonal representations (Meshes) of different densities based on Boundary representations (B-Rep). Open Representations and click Add mesh to start Mesh generation.
    • Requirements for visualization

      CAD Exchanger uses OpenGL for visualization (including screenshot generation). OpenGL version has to be 2.1 or higher for CAD Exchanger to utilize its graphic component.
    • How to generate meshes for Finite Element Analisys (FEA) in CAD Exchanger SDK

      CAD Exchanger SDK includes Computational Meshers intended for FEA mesh generation out of BReps (Boundary Representations). See our ready-made Netgen Mesher Example and Mefisto Mesher Example. The time it will take for the algorithm to complete ...