Unity add-on allows Unity users to utilize the CAD Exchanger SDK for CAD model import in the Unity game engine. Its main purpose is to convert CAD model files into Unity GameObjects and vise-versa. GameObject is the base class for all entities in Unity Scenes, including 3D objects. Both Edit and Game modes are supported, so that the capabilities of our SDK could be used not only in the Unity engine itself, but also in the applications built with it.

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    • How to import PMI into Unity

      CAD Exchanger Unity plugin can import PMI into Unity. See our ready-made Unity PMI Viewer Example. ModelData_ModelReader has the ReadPMI parameter. It has to be set to True using SetReadPMI method. This will make CAD Exchanger import PMI from the ...
    • Is it possible to import semantic (textual) PMI into Unity?

      Since there are no entities in Unity that can contain it, semantic PMI can not be transferred to Unity with our plugin. We can suggest working with ModelData_Model class to get semantic PMI data using our SDK - please see our PMI Example. Note that ...
    • How to work with PMI (Product Manufacturing Information)?

      Work with PMI should be performed using ModelData_PMIData class. We have a number of examples demonstrating: - Traversal of PMI in a 3D model - Visualization of PMI from a 3D model - Working with PMI in Unity - Visualization of PMI in a web-browser ...